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It is estimated that by the end of 2021 the number of people buying online will reach 2,140,000, with 27.6% of the world's population already browsing the Internet consuming a huge amount of data.

The way consumers buy has changed dramatically in recent years, since before making a decision, they have the opportunity to compare hundreds of items in numerous marketplaces, from giants like Amazon or eBay to small businesses.

In turn, it is rare to find a company which does not use e-commerce as one of its main sales channels. The different products fill the web with endless unstructured data from which very high value may be derived by extracting the information related to the products in an orderly way to analyze their different variables: website points of sale, price, country, seller, etc.

Now more than ever, sellers need to have the most relevant information on their sales in an up-to-date and clear form, so that they can understand the most important determinants of their sales and the different market trends.

Foqum has a tool to automate the process of compiling information about different products at different points of sale, by generating interactive, real-time display panels featuring the most relevant information to the company.



Foqum has adapted its special web scraping tool to extract and structure information about Livall products in different online sales outlets from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Alegra, to the websites of the brand鈥檚 own individual distributors in different European and American countries.

The solution enables powerful searches to be performed and displayed on a dashboard specifically designed to meet the company鈥檚 needs.

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Trend analysis and correlation search tool to explore and understand our customer鈥檚 sales universe.

Thanks to Foqum, the customer was able to see for the first time significant phenomena such as the link between geographical regions and sales trends, which show markedly different habits in the coastal and inland regions of the area studied. Furthermore, it was revealed how certain marketing campaigns dedicated resources in a suboptimal way, masking seasonal trends as seemingly positive results. This revelation was used as the basis for rethinking the company's approach.


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