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The business world is governed by numerous factors (geographic, temporal, social) making it extremely difficult to understand the cause-effect relationships between stimulus measures and variations in customer response.

The complexity of the situation is exacerbated for all those companies offering services to other companies, as they must try to understand the result that the actions have on the end customers.

The Foqum platform enables an objective analysis to be performed of those issues, extracting trends and correlations which are very valuable in driving sales campaigns, and dedicating resources to where they are really needed and useful.

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A listed company engaged in the management of incentives for the sales agents of major companies in the automobile sector.

Developments in the sector have resulted in a loss in the markup resulting from intermediation in the final incentives. Therefore, those companies need to offer added value through the intelligent management of those incentives and the optimization of their commercial impact.



Trend analysis and correlation search tool to explore and understand our customer鈥檚 sales universe.

Thanks to Foqum, the customer was able to see for the first time significant phenomena such as the link between geographical regions and sales trends, which show markedly different habits in the coastal and inland regions of the area studied. Furthermore, it was revealed how certain marketing campaigns dedicated resources in a suboptimal way, masking seasonal trends as seemingly positive results. This revelation was used as the basis for rethinking the company's approach.


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