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The energy transition drives a series of transformational initiatives on energy generation, distribution and consumption, with a constant focus on economic efficiency, the sustainability of the processes and the reduction of our climate footprint.

The energy efficiency of buildings, and in particular the importance of cheap air conditioning using renewable energy, drives developments in geothermal heating and the leveraging of the energy potential of wastewater to make the temperature of buildings more stable and make air conditioning cheaper.

Waste water flow


To develop of a forecasting model of flow and temperature in wastewater in an urban environment. This model must allow for variables such as the occupation of the space and the buildings which discharge the water, the temperature and thermal inertia of the pipes, the effect of rain and the orography of the ducts.

The solution must be subject to validation through two measuring points installed in Madrid, and must offer quick and parameterizable calculations with a display that enables correction of the model’s hypotheses at the spatial, temporal or planning name level.

Temperature flow analysis


Foqum's model enables the real-time calculation of the performance of wastewater flow and temperature with spatial accuracy lower than the size of a building and temporal accuracy lower than one hour.

Validation against the experimental results observed at the probing stage enables adjustment of the planning use values of the space covered and exploration of the energy potential of the water in the installation of passive air conditioning systems with high efficiency.


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