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Talk: Data analysis in texts, content generation, and Q&A (LLM).
View: Data analysis in images and videos.
Touch: Prediction, optimization, and scenario simulation.
Hear: Audio transcription and emotion analysis.

Foqum in figures


Documents processed


Images classified


Videos computerized


Audio analyzed

Awaken your senses with our AI Platform machine learning


Discovery Discover your possibilities

Diagnose the digital maturity of your company through the status of the data throughout its life-cycle. Discover how and where AI provides you with new opportunities to take automated, consistent and measurable decisions.

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Plataforma IA

AI Platform Enhance your opportunities

Simplify decision-making by automating the management of processes based on text, images, sound or tabular data through numerous functionalities adapted and integrated for each company.

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Herramientas Plug & Play

Plug & Play Tools Boost your potential

Build your Artificial Intelligence department in minutes by integrating our Plug & Play Assistants without needing any technical expertise or experience in coding.

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DiscoveryPrepare your digital transformation

Unsure where to begin, which projects to tackle, what equipment you need, what cost is involved, and how to plan your digital transformation investment?

Our Discovery solution will quickly provide you with an exhaustive analysis of the life-cycle of the data for each of your company’s areas and processes, in order to identify specific opportunities for improvement.

Boost your senses

Through Foqum’s Artificial Intelligence platform


Tailored for specific uses cutting high development costs and time to market.


Integrates in a single Artificial Intelligence platform the power of machine learning based on texts, images, sound and tabular data.


Cloud computing rapidly increases your processing power and very flexibly incorporates new types of data to feed your learning.


Numerous functionalities already present in leading companies in your sector, guaranteeing that this is a stable and reliable technology.


Computable in cloud platforms or the company’s own servers with the maximum security requirements on backup and data protection.


Incorporated into each company's technological stack, running natively without interfering with internal processes.

Strategic team

Doctors in Data Science

Jacobo Pablos Mengs

Jacobo Pablos Mengs

Chief Executive Officer

Degrees in Business Administration (Complutense University of Madrid, UCM) and Sales Management and Marketing (ESIC Business & Marketing School)

Professional experience in Treasury at Banco Santander and Banco Urquijo.
Emilio Alba Linero

Emilio Alba Linero PhD.

Technical Director

PhD Cum Laude in Quantum Physics (Complutense University of Madrid, UCM)

Professional experience in structuring CDOs at Morgan Stanley.
Pablo González de Prado

Pablo González de Prado PhD.


PhD Cum Laude in Biophysics (Autonomous University of Madrid, UAM) and Masters in Biophysics.

Lecturer in Neural Networks (IT, University of Copenhagen).
Adrián Insausti Crespo

Adrián Insausti Crespo


Software Engineering (Autonomous University of Madrid, UAM) and University of Liège. Masters in intelligent systems.

Professional experience at Indra.
Jennifer Mcdermott

Jennifer Mcdermott


Degree in Anthropology and Masters in Epistemology of Science (Complutense University of Madrid, UCM)

Professional experience as technological product consultant at companies such as OHL-Ingesan, Adecco Outsourcing, Uría Menéndez and Verescence. Co-Founder of op2aim.
Antonio Hernández Chao

Antonio Hernández Chao

Financial Director

Degree in Business Administration (Carlos III University, UC3M) and Masters in Corporate Finance (Institute of Stock Market Studies, IEB)

Professional Experience in M&A and Capital Markets at Banco Santander, Deloitte and Ahorro Corporación.
Marco del Rey Zapatero

Marco del Rey Zapatero PhD.


PhD Cum Laude in Theoretical Physics (Complutense University of Madrid, UCM) and Telecommunications Engineering (Technical University of Madrid, UPM)

Professional experience at the European Space Agency, CERN, Philips and the European Patent Office.
Manuel Marín Berja

Manuel Marín Berja PhD.


PhD Cum Laude and Telecommunications Engineer.

Currently Co-Founder & CTO Livall, CEO Livall Europe. Managing Director & Operation Partner Yellow River Global Capital

Professional experience in Senior Management at Telefónica and Wallbox.
Domingo Caamaño Guerrero

Domingo Caamaño Guerrero


Degree in Economics (Autonomous University of Madrid, UAM) and postgraduate degree in Human Resources at Berkeley.

Currently Director of Carrefour Servicios Financieros and Founder of Sevenzonic Capital.

Professional experience in Consumer Finance as CEO of BBVA, BMW and Alphabet.
María José Gómez Serrano

María José Gómez Serrano

Legal Counsel and Secretary of the Board

Degree in Law from the University of Salamanca.

Masters in Criminology from the Complutense University of Madrid.

More than 15 years’ experience as specialist lawyer in the judicial review process; civil, criminal and public law; and regulated sector legislation.

We also have a large technical team

Professional experience and higher education


  • MIT
  • University of Cambridge
  • Universidad Politécnica
  • EPFL
  • Imperial College London
  • University Berkeley
  • NYU
  • Universidad Complutense
  • IMD
  • Stanford
  • IT University Copenhagen
  • UPPSALA Universitet
  • CSIC
  • UAM
  • EOI


  • Microsoft
  • ESA
  • Google
  • Telefónica
  • LSE
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Apple
  • CERN
  • Inditex
  • BMW
  • EPO
  • Philips
  • Alphabet
  • Banco Santander
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • BBVA
  • Nestlé
  • NIKE

Some of our successes

Objective: Digitalization of the global production and sale of farmed sea bass for a Spanish company.



Route map of 12 projects in 4 areas


Average saving on automation of processes

Objective: Leading European company in legal information challenged to improve its customers’ experience.



Accuracy of the classifiers


Calculation time of the models developed


Relevance in the search for similar documents

Objective: A multinational specializing in highway concessions needs to automatically classify vehicles into different categories.



Accuracy in vehicle counting


Average accuracy in classification of length and tariff categories


Saving on infrastructure investment plan

Objective: A Spanish advertising analysis company needs to improve the efficiency and traceability of its system for automatically detecting advertisements in radio and television audio files.



Accuracy in the detection of radio advertisements


Cost savings in the radio department

Objective: Development of a tool for the automatic generation of market research for a leading market research company in the telephony sector.



Automatic reports in less than 30 minutes


Average saving on automation of processes

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